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Character Interview


Another character interview. Enjoy!!


1. Introduce yourself to our readers. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?


I'm Avis Cole, the grandmother to the heroine, Ivy Cole, and neighbor to the hero, Caleb Grant. I'm key to these youngsters meeting and accepting their attraction to each other. Some may think I'm a meddling grandma, but I claim I'm looking out for the well-being of my granddaughter. I'm an excellent judge of character and recognized the good in Caleb—no matter that he looked like a pirate (eye patch and scarred cheek.) I aided in their successful picnicking excursion. They're bright youngsters and understood the concept of picnicking without a detailed explanation.


2. What do you think about the author? Tell us everything. We want to know.


Elaine knows what she's doing and crafted our story with precision. Our personalities came across well. I enjoyed interacting with everyone, especially Caleb's parents.


3. What are your feelings about this story?


Poor Caleb went through so much in his life, but my Ivy helps him. The ending is satisfying, and I'm especially pleased with it.


4. How do you feel about being a character in this book?


I have an important role in this book, which I performed with grace and feistiness.


5. What do you see in your future? (No spoilers please!)


I have grandma duties to keep me busy and in my happy place.


6. Is there a Sequel/another book in the future? Will you be part of it?


Oh my goodness! I don't believe another book is necessary unless one of Caleb's brothers needs my help.


7. Say a movie producer comes knocking. What actress would you want to play you and why?


Someone like Estelle Getty, who played the feisty Sophia on The Golden Girls. Unfortunately, she's passed, but she's the type who could capture the true essence of Grandma Avis!

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