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Victorious Love (Consequential Love Series #3)

Recovering from injuries received during his undercover assignment, Garrett Dane must prove his love for Leigh Ramsey to her skeptical family.


She will defy her family for the love of her life, as they suffer through accusations of abuse and an engagement party from hell.


Add in a shadowy threat of revenge from the brother of Garrett's former nemesis, and the barriers to their happiness seem insurmountable.


Can they make it to the altar and enjoy a Victorious Love?

Challenged Love (Consequential Love Series #2)

A dangerous undercover assignment, a new location, a new profession, and a new life together confront Leigh Ramsey and Garrett Dane.


Teamed with a DEA agent, his assignment is to bust a meth operation. Will Garrett make it safely back to Leigh?


Amid wedding planning and house hunting, Leigh's fragile new world is shattered by the appearance of her ex-boyfriend, courtesy of Mom. He intends to win her back, no matter what it takes.


With all these obstacles, will their Challenged Love bind Leigh and Garrett closer or separate them forever?

Resolute Love (Consequential Love Series #1)

Evading an escaped killer from his past, Air Force veteran, Garrett Dane, literally falls into Leigh Ramsey’s life.

She’s been emotionally devastated in the past. Will she open herself to another man’s affection?

Does love at first sight really happen? Of course, it does!

But can love survive a killer, a blizzard, and a disapproving mother?

Theirs is a bold love, a determined love—a Resolute Love.