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Spring Has Arrived!

Springtime in my backyard


With the arrival of spring, my thoughts have turned to writing outside and enjoying the warmer weather and nature. That leads me to thoughts of where authors write.


I believe in writing wherever you can. A fancy space isn't a necessity.


Some have rooms filled with aids to help them like boards filled with note cards to track the story outline by scenes. Others may use electronics to plot their story. I'm nowhere near that organized and, besides, I'm a pantser meaning I write on the fly by the seat of my pants! No outlines for me.


Some may have a dedicated space for their writing. Be that a dedicated room or a separate building like a cabin or writing shed. Think she shed or man cave dedicated to writing.


There may be music involved. I follow an author on Facebook who listens to ambient music while writing. I listen to my old LPs of '70s and '80s music when I'm editing or working on Facebook posts.


Writing for me usually happens in the living room with the TV on. What's playing you ask? Golf, news, or a movie I've seen way too many times. Often, this is at night when I'm sitting beside Mike, and Missy is either sleeping or asking to play with a squeaky toy. During the day, I may sit on the back porch in nice weather with Missy with me or she's out in the yard. Then I'm serenaded by the calls of crows, blackbirds, cardinals, killdeers, mockingbirds, a variety of small birds, or the sounds of machines used by neighbors as they tend their yards. That last will drive me inside!


I have even written in the Durango while Mike drives us somewhere on vacation. The trick to this location is being able to read my writing. LOL


So, as I said write wherever you can. The important thing is the writing!

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