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Why I Write and More

My Writing Tools

The other day I created a future Facebook post for my author page and it began with the question, Why do I write? I thought it would be fun to delve further into the answer here on my Blog. So, here we go!


I enjoy writing fiction, and it turns out I have a knack for it. This type of writing is way different than the writing I did in my work: performance appraisals, award citations, and official reports just to name a few, and all were nothing like writing fiction.


Once I have an idea, the story basics formulate in my head: main characters, the beginning, the ending, and possibly some stops along the way. As I write, details and scene ideas fall in line.


I have often contemplated scenes I'm not satisfied with at night while lying in bed. My mind stays active with alternatives, so I don't fall asleep until late. Fortunately, I do remember the next day what I came up with!


I enjoy creating believable characters, the type of characters readers will care about, urging them to succeed, or hate, cheering for their defeat. Giving characters their voice and personality is fun. Their names need to fit them, also. I try to stick to the suggestion of three to four syllables for the names.


Dialogue is a joy to write. I use more dialogue in my stories than other authors. I find how the characters talk provides insight into them and gives me an interesting way to share their personal story. I hope my readers enjoy the dialogue in my stories. I had one person comment on how much they enjoyed the banter between two characters and how they'd never seen that before in books they'd read.


Writing romances is enjoyable. Writing about the characters from their first meeting (the meet cute) to their happy ever after is a pleasure to create. Of course, for my stories, there are a few steamy love scenes thrown in for good measure! Yes, I love happy endings! Adding a touch of suspense is enjoyable. I even tried a romantic comedy, but perhaps need a bit more humor.


I've learned my characters often grab hold of the story and run with it in a direction I hadn't considered. Yes, this happens, and I like it when my characters take ownership of their story!


My stories become movies in my head. Visualizing actions helps me describe gestures, body language, and action. Whenever I read a book, the same thing happens. When I put a book down, no matter how much time has passed, the movie picks up where I left off. The same thing happens when I write.


So, I write to share my stories with others. I'm always hopeful people enjoy them.

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