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Holiday Prep

One of many ways to prep for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us! Many romance authors write stories focused on the holidays, especially Christmas. After all, it is a premiere holiday associated with love and romance. (Yes, I've been watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Have you?)


Unfortunately, I still haven't followed suit. I've considered a Christmas-themed story, but my creative juices fail me. ☹  Perhaps a post-Christmas story? Now I have ideas…love found in the gift return line; an accident while taking down outdoor decorations and a beautiful paramedic responds to the 911 call; a single mother with an adorable little one (they're always adorable, aren't they) hires a hunky handyman to take down her decorations. The ideas are percolating!! Appears I do better with post-Christmas ideas than pre-Christmas ideas. I suppose the last two could be turned into pre-Christmas…hmm, there may be hope for Christmas 2024.


Completing stories prior to the corresponding holiday is necessary for success. My February Blog post of story ideas was based on "forgotten/neglected" holidays. I've been running with my 4th of July idea about an errant rocket setting a she-shed on fire. The story is taking shape, and I have time before 4 July 2024 to finish writing and editing…timing is everything!


So, with thoughts generating for holidays, I give thanks for the fans of my writing and the gift of creativity.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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