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Inspiration and Where It Comes From

Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration is necessary for the creation of stories, but where does it come from? Excellent question. Let me explain some sources of my inspiration.


Many things have given me inspiration for stories. Most notable is my service in the United States Air Force. Without that key experience my author journey may never have happened. I'd still be happily reading romances featuring Navy SEALS. Instead, I desired a romance with an Air Force veteran hero, so The Consequential Love Series came to be, and my journey began.


Another work experience led to my story, Restoration. My years of working as a contracting officer with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service introduced me to wetland restoration, which provided the reason for Alex and Seth meeting.


Speaking of contracting, that experience is all over Playground Antics, my latest work in progress!! It's a romantic suspense, so don't be turned off by the word 'contracting.'


Growing up in Minnesota and many additional years of living in the state are the reasons behind the location for The Consequential Love Series and Restoration. Not to mention, my love of winter being a key feature in the setting for the series. And, less we forget, Garrett's remark in Resolute Love of visiting the many parks and historical sites in his favorite state.


I learned to play golf as a youngster;  I even played on the ladies golf team at Moorhead State! Throw in Mike's passion for the game, and the end result is Accidental Attraction. In fact, it started on our way to a golf vacation in Arkansas!


I have absolutely no idea where the inspiration for Sparks Fly came from, perhaps thinking of the many people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. Why a smokejumper? Don't know, but it worked.


Within each story further inspiration strikes. Driving home a different way and sitting at a stop sign brought me to a street sign that inspired Garrett as the name for my hero in The Consequential Love Series. The song "I Don't Dance" as performed by Lee Bryce inspired the dance scene in Victorious Love.


The name I wanted to give the son I never had became the name for the main male character, Seth Tobias, in Restoration.


A favorite lithograph of ours, which hangs in our dining room, The Picnic by Hinte, inspired the picnic scene in Sparks Fly. Picnicking was a key element in Caleb and Ivy's fledgling relationship.


My love of photography inspired Leigh's passion for capturing the beautiful images around her in The Consequential Love Series.


Let's not forget my total enjoyment of wine leads to a wine and cheese tasting at the Aspen Inn in Resolute Love.


In other words, inspiration is all around us and inside us. The key is to be open and receptive when it shows itself.

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