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Establishing My Author Brand

Steamy Romances by Elaine M. DeGroot

I've read that it's important to establish your author brand, so people form an accurate image of who you are as an author. Okay, so let's see how I'm doing.


My social media (Facebook) and my website (Romance DeGrootified), my books, my interactions (in-person and through my newsletter), and my personality all go into this.


I love having a website and Facebook page to show my works, to share my thoughts on writing, to share what I've learned, and to share pieces of me & my life with you. This is my way of establishing my brand as an author.


Much of my brand relates to my writing of steamy romance. The book covers depict the steamy nature of my stories. I love how the covers relate to the story.


The stories develop in my imagination through the inspiration of my life experiences, my careers, my likes, and passions. Those have been DeGrootified for my stories. All are critical aspects of who I am and reflect on my author brand.


To deepen your understanding of me as an author, I've shared my many woes/trials and travails of the writing and the editing process. I think this is a critical piece of my author brand...my quest for creating the best stories for my readers. The method I use for writing has changed from typing to handwriting my first draft. My first edit is when I transcribe the first draft into the computer. After that I use an online editing platform, AutoCrit, to work magic on my writing. Hours of editing happen, and yet errors and discrepancies persist. A definite frustration factor for me! I print out the story and read it in search of errors or better words for the proper meaning or effect. I have MS Word read it aloud while I watch the words go by. This is to catch flow issues and clumsy wording. Lately, I have the view on 200% to make it easier to catch punctuation errors. I share this process with you through posts, so you understand the vast amount of effort each book contains.


I believe what I share provides insight into who I am as a person and an author. I share stories of my author assistant, Missy, and how she "helps" with my journey; the wine I like to drink; how & why I've named characters as I have; the happenings in my life like entering Accidental Attraction for an award and winning and participating in writing challenges with the results; and where I write are some of the information I've shared regarding who I am.


All of this goes into establishing my author brand. I hope you all have an image of who I am as an author, and how I do this not just for me but for you, too.


Happy reading!!


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