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Sibrian Iris

My hubby, Mike, recommended a theme of "April showers bring May flowers" be applied to this month's blog post. He's brilliant! Ideas and inspirations in April can become stories in May.


There's another short story challenge starting soon in AutoCrit. That's always fun writing with challenging topics and twists thrown in. Yes, I plan to participate.


And I've been consolidating writing prompts—short ideas to inspire your writing. I've been going through years of emails with five prompts in each message. Of course, this effort is cleaning out my email which is a good thing and should have been done a long time ago, but that's neither here nor there. There are some great prompts to consider. The resulting stories can be a short story or blossom into a longer story, a novella or full-length novel. I still have more years to go through, so I'll have many inspirational prompts to work with.


(A quick aside: Speaking of short stories, I should take time to write a few to send out to my Newsletter subscribers. Maybe even try different genres. Those prompts are definitely going to be handy to have!)


Writing needs to be a habit. Be it writing a snippet in response to a prompt or another scene for an ongoing story. It's like training for a sport. You need to practice and keep your writing skills sharp. Habits often require schedules. Many authors schedule their writing. I'm sure a schedule makes it easier to become a habit. Do I have a writing schedule? No schedule, just sketchy plans that either happen or not. Maybe I need to take this more seriously and build a schedule? Nah, that's not in my wheelhouse since retirement. I do promise to continue writing. The many ideas in my head need an outlet!


Keep on reading. I'll do the same as well as writing!

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