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Training Forever!

Ready for Note-taking


Learning never ends! It doesn't matter what you do, training keeps you at the top of your chosen profession.


Previously, I'd written about the writing training I've purchased to help me improve my writing skills. See blog posts: New Year Resolutions on January 8, 2023 and Editing: Like a Search and Destroy Mission on August 27, 2022. I also participate in weekly AutoCrit YouTube sessions which are informative and fun. There are other training sources, such as The Authors Guild, Reedsy, and Authors Publish.


Recently, I bought a short training course, Penning Passion, from AutoCrit that is specifically focused on my genre of choice: ROMANCE! Yes, I'm planning to learn more about writing romance. The training is in the form of four one hour Zoom sessions. I am so looking forward to this training! The modules are as follows: The Science and Psychology of Romance, Crafting Connection: The Heart of Writing Romance, The Characters of Romance, and Putting your Best Foot Forward. This ought to be interesting. The sessions begin on March 20th and end on April 10th. Please wish me well.


Other training has focused on the business of writing. You read that right—business. Fun topics like taxes, marketing, key words related to internet searches, and so on.


Will all this training change how I write? Only for the better. I still plan on more steamy romances. Trust me on that.


Happy training to me and happy reading to you all!!

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