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Story Ideas…Where Do They Come From??

Ready to write...need an idea!



Valentine's Day has come and gone, with no chocolates consumed. Say What??!! But I did get a story idea, while ruminating on the holiday. Yeah, no telling where or when a story idea comes to light!

Here's my idea: a series based on holiday related romances might be my next author adventure. Stay with me on this…I wouldn't write about the usual holiday included in romances like Valentines Day or Christmas. Nah, I'll latch onto some of the forgotten holidays. Those that come and go without much notice or hoopla. Here are a few of my ideas. Let me know what you think by commenting on this post.

1.      President's Day: Costumed re-enactors bump into each other as fate intervenes into their lives. Consider a President Teddy Roosevelt (Bully!) and a Dolly Madison. She's running around with a large portrait of George Washington. Hopefully he's not carrying a big stick—that collision could cause some damage.

2.      St. Patrick's Day: A drunken brawl at an Irish pub results in the owner falling for the responding cop.

3.      May Day: As young children, she left a May basket on his step. He caught her—their first kiss. Years later, she returns to town to care for her parents. He never left and still has bits of the May basket in a wooden box.

4.      4th of July: Errant fireworks set her backyard she-shed on fire. He's the firefight responding…KISMET!!

5.      Labor Day: a play on words, her sister goes into labor early and he's the doctor on duty for the holiday weekend.


What do ya think? Granted, a few of those holidays aren't truly forgotten, but this idea is in its infancy! Am I onto something here?

Story ideas can happen from a picture, an experience, a song, a writing prompt, or something overheard.

May the ideas never dry up!

Happy reading to you and happy writing to me.

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