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New Year Resolutions

Stash of Unread Writing Magazines


Do I have writing related resolutions? Kind of/sort of. Write more. Continue to participate in challenges. Read my writing magazines instead of hoarding them. Start and finish the courses I have to expand my writing knowledge: English Grammar Boot Camp; Effective Editing: How to Take Your Writing to the Next Level; How to Write Best Selling Fiction; Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft; and Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques. (Sounds like fun, huh?)


My goals are to publish additional books. My plan is Accidental Attraction first. Why? After the Consequential Love Series, a shorter fun romance seemed like a good choice. A longer romance, Restoration, is next in my game plan. This uses up all my currently finished books. So, I need to finish Sparks Fly by springtime. Playground Antics is in the wings, but I seriously want to write a Christmas or New Year's story.


Additional Garrett and Leigh stories would be fun. I love those two, so need additional ideas for stories and a catchy series title. Yeah, I would love to write another series for them.


Sound doable? I think so.

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