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Challenged Love, Consequential Love Series #2

The weekend from hell ended with no one dead and no physical injuries sustained, so they considered their first meeting with Leigh's parents a success. Garrett bonded well with her dad, Frank, but her mom, Lois, never warmed up to him. Correction, she had been darn right cold and hostile toward him. Neither of them remembered her ever using his first name.


The drive from the cabin to town proceeded with limited conversation. The familiar sounds of country music filled the car. They each contemplated what happened over the weekend.


"I'm glad the roads are clear of all the snow. Riding the snowmobiles cross-country didn't give us any indication of the road conditions." No response. Leigh continued in hopes of drawing him into a conversation. "We have time for breakfast before your appointment."


"Hmm…uh-huh." Garrett stared out the passenger window lost in thought. The snow-covered scenery didn't register with him.


"Garrett, you're so quiet; a penny for your thoughts."


A sigh escaped as he faced her.


"Plenty of things are on my mind. Guess the highlights are my bewilderment at the intense hatred your mom harbors against me; my concern over leaving you alone; and my curiosity about my new job and boss." His voice trailed away as he shifted to the right. Focused out the side window, he mumbled, "Lots of things on my mind."


She cleared her throat. "Please don't let my mom mess with your head. For some reason, she wants me back with David, so she'll continue pushing her agenda. I hope she'll drop her efforts after we're married, but I honestly have no idea what we should expect."


"You're not helping." He rapped his knuckles against the cold window and rested his head against it.


She took her eyes off the road and glanced at him. Instead of sitting tall, he slumped in the seat, an uncharacteristic posture for him.


His cell phone rang, so he punched the screen to answer the call. "Hi, this is Garrett."


"Joe Henderson here. Something came up, and we need you sooner than expected for the assignment. Can you report for work tomorrow and leave that night?" His new boss asked an unexpected question.


"Yes, sir, my fiancée and I are headed your direction later today." Garrett held back a sigh of frustration.


"Outstanding! You'll have time for a review of the information on your assignment and…wait a minute, did you say fiancée?"


"Yes, our engagement happened recently. She's joining me in Brainerd."


"Congratulations! Bring her with you on Tuesday, so she can meet everyone. See you then." A click ended the call.


"Perfect." He stared at his cell phone in disbelief.


"What's up?" The sarcasm of his tone worried her.


"That was my new boss calling. He needs me on the assignment right away, so we're going into the office tomorrow morning."


"What? A whole week early? But we planned on looking at houses all week."


Garrett glanced at her. "Sorry, he said something came up."