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End of Year Musings

Tis the holiday season, and the end of the calendar year 2022 nears!


This was an amazing year for me. Receiving a publishing contract for my first story ever written, Resolute Love, Consequential Love Series #1 was a dream come true! A huge accomplishment followed by excessive happiness and celebrating. The year continued with contracts for the other two books in the series, Challenged Love and Victorious Love. I discovered a family in the Solstice Publishing folks, the editors I've worked with, and the other Solstice authors!


I look forward to a new year with more stories written and published.


What should you expect in 2023? Hopefully, you'll see my golf story, the story inspired by my time in US Fish & Wildlife Service, and my smokejumper story. I'm thinking about writing a Christmas romance and/or maybe a New Year's romantic suspense.


The fireplace is glowing. Amazing how the flames add a romantic spirit to the room. The ambience should spur even more romance in my writing. I'm sure my fans can handle more romance. Building romance is a fun writing challenge—a touch here, a glance there.


Showing what's happening in my writing, especially the growth of romantic interest, is an interesting exercise. Writers are always told to "Show, Don't Tell" in their writing. Words to write by! I try my best to follow this guidance. Honest. I shy away from passive words, use vivid descriptions, and incorporate the senses: smells, sights, sounds, taste, and touch. Yes, there are many things to remember when writing. Of course, the most important thing is to write! The editing process can tackle so much more than grammar and excessive hyphen use! (That last is a reference to my August Blog entry.)


I hope you're able to enjoy this time with family/friends and good books. I'm looking forward to relaxing, drinking hot buttered rum, watching a blazing fire, and letting my imagination do its thing. After all, I have a new year to fill with enthralling stories for you!


Here's to a joyous new year!!

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