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Ready to Write

Why do I write romance stories? Why not? I love reading romances: contemporary, suspense, supernatural, and historical.


As I've said before, I got tired of reading about SEALs—no offense, they are great stories. Be that as it may, I took it upon myself to write a romance with an Air Force veteran as the protagonist/hero.


The result of my effort: Garrett Dane! Personally, I find him to be a lovable and swoon-worthy hero! The Consequential Love Series falls into the Romantic Suspense subgenre. I had fun coming up with antagonists especially the meth gang.


My next few stories are Contemporary Romance. Although, I'm thinking Playground Antics has the possibility of becoming a Romantic Suspense.


Would I ever try writing a different genre? I don't know. Am I interested in another genre? Maybe. Although I think I write romance pretty darn well. Guess IF I'd consider another genre, I'd probably go with mystery or fantasy.


Fantasy requires significant worldbuilding. A definite challenge. Wizards, fairies, elves or totally newly made-up creatures with a world to match. Am I up to such a challenge? Am I even that interested?


Mystery requires a redirection of my writing process as plotting and planning would need to replace much of my pantsing routine. I'd need a protagonist/hero/heroine, an evil antagonist/villain, a nefarious deed of some type, and a victim of the deed.  I could come up with all that. An interesting subgenre is the Cozy Mystery. I'd need to read some before I try my hand at one of those because understanding the genre is key before trying to write a story in the genre.


Hmm, that means more reading for me. Tough requirement. But believe me, I am up to THAT challenge!


Keep reading!!

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