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Marking Your Spot In A Book

Personal collection of favorite bookmarks

How do you keep your place in a book you're reading? Well, if you enjoy the book having to re-read sections to locate where you stopped is no big deal. But most readers mark where they stop reading. The question is: how the marking is done?


Personally, I use bookmarks …well, truth be told not always an honest-to-gosh bookmark. Some of mine are postcards, the front of a Christmas card or a note card that caught my eye and I didn't want to throw it out.


A special bookmark was made for me by my mother. She was a whiz working with plastic canvas and made me a lily of the valley bookmark as it's the flower for the month I was born in. You can see it in the picture on the right.


Another actual bookmark holds a special memory for me. It's the HOT READS FOR COLD NIGHTS bookmark on the left. I got this at my favorite library of all time—Lonsdale Public Library. An awesome library in a small rural community in Minnesota. I enjoyed being a member of their book club, attending activities, participating in reading events, and even serving on the board. And, yes, they received a copy of Resolute Love.


Another way to mark your spot is always available when you have a book that's a hardback with a dust jacket. (Do they still call it that?) The front or back flap works well and you won't misplace it!


Of course, if you read an e-book, it remembers where you end. Nice! But then you don't have the fun of holding the book and turning the pages.


Many other items can be used based solely on availability … paper clips? Yeah. I'd recommend the big ones over the small ones. And fancy plastic-coated ones would reduce the possibility of marring the page.


That leads us to short-term marking methods: pen, pencil, cell phone, or a coffee cup—just don't leave a coffee ring on the page! You'll never forgive yourself.


The last and least preferred method is to dog-ear the corner of the page. The horror!! I can't imagine ever doing that to my book.


How do you mark your stopping point?


Happy reading!!

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