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Meditative Coloring Book Helped with The How

 The How


At first, I wrote my stories on the computer in Word, but lately, I've embraced writing in longhand and then transcribing it to the computer. Of course, I edit as I type. 


I use a leather planner for the longhand. Once used to track my appointments and record notes of meetings, it no longer contains calendar pages only college-ruled filler paper. I keep a spare package available in the office because I do go through it quickly. It's perfect for easy transport and to be able to write anywhere. 


Lately, I began using a separate journal for my blog entries and newsletter tidbits. It provides a different mindset for the various writing tasks. 


The flow of words from my head, through my hand, and onto paper is fascinating. And as I said in a Facebook post in late April, I've fallen in love with TŪL gel pens. They glide over the page. I keep a supply of these in the office, so I won't find myself without one. 


Once, I made use of a meditative coloring book to help develop a scene for Restoration I was stuck on…it worked!


The Where


Now, where do I write…anywhere comfy. The front porch is a quiet spot with a nice view. Our back porch is even better. It's quieter, filled with birds, and screened-in so no pesky bugs! Often, I'm writing while sitting in a Stressless chair (they are in fact stressless!) in our living room with the TV on. If I haven't seen what's on, I'll write during commercials. If I've seen it before, then I'll write as the words come to me and not wait on commercials. 


I wrote most of the Romance Under Par/Accidental Attraction story on vacations either in the Durango as Mike drove or at the vacation spot while Mike golfed with friends. 


Oftentimes, I ponder problem areas while in bed at night. I run possible dialogue through my head, adjust the words, and try it again. Fortunately, I remember what I come up with…most times.


The Why


The fact words form in my head as sentences and they make sense continues to amaze me. I don't know how it happens or where the words come from let alone the ideas for the stories. Imagination and inspiration, I guess. Sometimes when I read a scene I wrote, I pause and think—Damn! That's good! And I wrote it! The joys of being an author. 


I have a scene in Restoration that brings tears to my eyes. In Victorious Love (Consequential Love Series #3), I have two scenes that set my heart beating fast. And in Resolute Love, when Garrett is alone outside and considers leaving to not destroy Leigh's relationship with her family my heart broke for him. 


A reaction to my writing from you, the reader, is what I strive for be it a laugh, a tear, or a lump in your throat. I hope you cheer for my hero and dislike/hate their antagonist. It'd be great if you don't want to set the book down until you come to THE END and to have you visualize the story in your head like a movie.


Yes, your complete engagement in the story is my ultimate goal.




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