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My Wine Adventure

Never Enough Wine

Wine...what's not to love? So many different grapes. Straight or blended. Winemakers have my respect and admiration. When I was a young Lieutenant stationed at Griffiss AFB, I was a beer drinker or mixed drinks. Never gave a thought to wine. I was missing out!


One night Colonel's Row (the big bosses) hosted a wine and cheese party at my boss's home. He had beer on hand, thankfully. I was fascinated by the "gourmet table" that consisted of a cellophane wrapped slice of cheese and a bottle of Night Train Express, "a fine pear wine from California." I bugged him to open the bottle until he agreed. I think he promised to do it at midnight. Shocker!! I liked it. It didn't taste at all like the Morgan David wine Mom used for setting up the communion trays. (She served as a deaconess at our little church, but I digress.) A good friend of mine  stored a bottle of Night Train Express for a couple of years while I was assigned to Germany.


Ah, Germany!! A wonderful place to learn to LOVE wine. I lived just above the Mosel River Valley and fell in love with Riesling wine. Did you know, Mosel wines come in GREEN bottles, whereas the Rhein River Valley wines comes in BROWN bottles? Yes, I was on Team Mosel.


Years later, I'm working at the Fargo VA Medical Center. A group of us would go out to Happy Hour and I began to explore other types of wine. Two were stuck on White Zinfandel, but I chose to experiment. Broadened my horizons to include the deep-rich flavor of Cabernet Sauvignon. Don't care for Merlot. (Watch the movie Sideways.)


Recently, I learned the secret for me to enjoy a Chardonnay, it must be unoaked! Who knew it would make a difference? (Back to those admirable winemakers.)


I so enjoy wine tastings, like Garrett and Leigh in Resolute Love.


Rieslings are still my favorite!!

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