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How It Feels to be Published

I've been working on the Consequential Love Series since 2013! To see the first book of the series, Resolute Love, on Amazon is a dream come true. Happy doesn't quite cover it. Ecstatic comes close.


The dream of being published came after the first book was completed. There are decisions to be made and processes to go through. First, do you self-publish or go traditional. Mike and I self-published The Little Cloud's Busy Day, a children's picture book, and didn't want to expend those kinds of funds again. We're retired on a fixed income afterall. So, traditional was our choice.


Next, many publishers require authors go through literary agents. So I queried multitudes of agents with no success.


Some publishers will work directly with authors, so go that route without success.


Fast forward to 2022...seven years! By now, I've written other stories, but Garrett and Leigh's story is my favorite. Re-edit all the stories in the series using the Autocrit editing program to polish them up. Ask a friend to read it. Get a rave review. Move forward with another search of publishers. Send out queries. Note: each one has a different process and guidelines. Miracle of miracles, I receive a contract offer for Resolute Love from Solstice Publishing!


Now I've learned about having a website. Received a great suggestion about Authors Guild that leads to thiswebsite! Get active on the website and Facebook. I don't want to go too crazy with the multitude of social media sites available nowadays. May expand to another in the future.


Today is the day, I'm a published author!


I'm going to savor this amazing feat for a short while. And then it's on to promoting, stirring interest in my writing, sales, newsletters, and gratitude for all who believe in me.


Thank you for your interest in my journey and my stories!



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